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Katie talks fishing with her dad

Patrick's daughter Katie joins her dad to talk about filming and fishing. Katie has been going along to fish, film and take pictures on fishing trips this year. Katie is passionate about the arts and loves putting together film of her dad fishing. She shares some of her favorite times with her dad. 

This episode of RadCast Outdoors Podcast is sponsored by PK Lures, Hi Mountain Seasonings, and Bow Spider. Please go visit our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring RadCast Outdoors by giving them your business.

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Patrick Edwards Master Angler Walleye

Want to catch a master angler Wyoming walleye? Patrick Edwards takes you through some of the top walleye fishing destinations in Wyoming. He outlines the top walleye fisheries and also tells you where you might be able to catch a few on your next outing. Patrick also outlines some of the top lures you might consider using on your next outing searching for your master angler walleye. 

This episode of RadCast Outdoors is sponsored by PK Lures, Hi Mountain Seasonings, Fremont Storeworx and Maven Optics. Please go visit our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring RadCast Outdoors by giving them your business. 

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RadCast Outdoors Turkey Hunting Special

David and Patrick are excited to announce that RadCast Outdoors has picked up a few new sponsors! They announce the sponsorship of Hi Mountain Seasonings, Bow Spider and Fremont Stoneworx! They also talk about future podcasting plans, moving into a new studio, producing the podcast on their own and future giveaways for the audience. David also goes into detail on taking spring turkey hunts with his son. David share insights into how turkeys operate in the wild, how to hunt for turkeys and also how to have a fun turkey hunt. Also, the Hi Mountain Seasonings Recipe of the Week segment returns to the show.

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RadCast Outdoors Kids Episode David Merrill

The RadCast Outdoors kids crash the podcast on Episode 39. Both David and Patrick bring their kiddos on the show to talk about going to the outdoors with dad. We hope you enjoy this fun episode. 

RadCast Outdoors Episode 39 with the Edwards Kids

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RadCast Outdoors Podcast with Al Lindner

(Photo Courtesy of Lindner Media)

Everyone in the fishing world knows the name "Al Lindner" and has either seen his TV shows over the years, or has read his many fishing articles. Al has accomplished many great things during his fishing career and is a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. He also has been successful at winning many fishing tournaments over the years. He and his brother Ron Lindner started the Lindy Tackle company and In-Fisherman magazine which both helped revolutionize fishing as we know it. Al has been able to share fishing tips and tricks on film with the In-Fisherman TV show and most recently with the Angling Edge TV show. Al spends many hours on the water fishing for smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, muskie and just about anything that swims! 

I want to say a special thanks to Danny Kurttila for helping to set up this interview. Without Danny's help, there is a good chance this interview would not have happened. So, thank you Danny! 

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