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Episode #37: Al Lindner Discusses Faith, Family and Fishing with RadCast Outdoors

RadCast Outdoors Podcast with Al Lindner

(Photo Courtesy of Lindner Media)

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Everyone in the fishing world knows the name, Al Lindner and have either seen his TV shows over the years, or have read his many fishing articles. Al has accomplished many great things during his fishing career and is a member of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. He also has been successful at winning many fishing tournaments over the years. He and his brother Ron Lindner started the Lindy Tackle company and In-Fisherman magazine which both helped revolutionize fishing as we know it. Al has been able to share fishing tips and tricks on film with the In-Fisherman TV show and most recently with the Angling Edge TV show. Al spends many hours on the water fishing for smallmouth bass, crappie, walleye, muskie and just about anything that swims! 

I want to say a special thanks to Danny Kurttila for helping to set up this interview. Without Danny's help, there is a good chance this interview would not have happened. So, thank you Danny! 

Al Lindner Walleye Fishing

(Photo Courtesy of Lindner Media)

On this episode of RadCast Outdoors, Al sits down with us and talks about Faith, Family and Fishing. Al tells about his childhood and how he grew up loving the sport of fishing. He recounts making it a point to make a living at fishing and how his mother and big brother supported that dream. Al discusses raising his two boys to fish and gives tips on getting your family and friends involved. 

Al also spends a little time talking about his faith and how it has been apart of his career. He shares how God has affected his life and how his current endeavor with Lindner Media. 

Lastly, Al talks about fishing in the western US and how there are many virtually untapped fisheries to explore. We hope you'll take an hour and listen to this episode! You'll love learning from Al Lindner.

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    Nice to read and listen to something that is on a positive note for a change. T U!

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