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Hunting, Fishing and Everything In-Between

The RadCast Outdoors Podcast is dedicated to providing outdoor content, recruiting the next generation of hunters/anglers and helping to expand the knowledge of people who participate in those activities.


This is a great podcast for Wyoming outdoors. The guys are great a doing interviews and the topics are relative to the Wyoming outdoorsman. They cover a wide variety of topics and have interesting guests. I am a podcast junkie and this is the best outdoor podcast I have found. Keep up the good work guys.


Great podcast full of informative guests! Love the variety they present!


Great variety in subject matter and a wonderful job encouraging folks to get their families outdoors. Keep up the great work!


Great podcast for the Outdoor Enthusiast

It’s obvious that Patrick and David are passionate about the hunting, fishing, conservation, and getting kids outdoors in this podcast. They have amazing guests and are down to earth hosts. Easy to listen to with a wealth of information! Highly recommend.


Worth a listen!

Couple good family guys who know how to get it done in the outdoors. From rivers and lakes to the back country, these guys have some great guests that make it entertaining and packed full of great information!


David and Patrick Outdoors

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