Mike Miller - Wyoming State Trappers

Wyoming Trapping Association

Photo Courtesty of Mike Miller Get ready to learn more about trapping with Mike Miller of the Wyoming State Trappers Association. With his deep passion for wildlife conservation and extensive knowledge of trapping techniques, he has become an invaluable asset to the organization. Mike's dedication to promoting ethical trapping practices and ensuring the sustainable management of wildlife populations is commendable. In this episode he talks in depth on the efforts to work together and to understand trappings role in the ecosystem. Whether advocating for responsible trapping legislation or providing education and support to fellow trappers, Mike Miller aims to help in advancing the association's goals and preserving Wyoming's rich trapping heritage. 

The Wyoming Trappers Association has an event coming up for the kids Labor Day weekend. Find out more in this episode of The RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast.​ Find out more about this event and much more here.

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