Insightful Tips and Adventures of Legendary Muskie Angler - Pete Maina

 Pete Maina

Welcome to another exciting episode of RAD Cast, a podcast powered by Bow Spider, sponsored by PK Lures and High Mountain Seasonings. This time, we play host to the legendary angler extraordinaire, Mr. Pete Maina, who has earned worldwide acclaim for his skill and understanding of muskie fishing. From formative years at a fishing resort in Wisconsin to decoding the allure of muskies, Pete recounts his journey, strategies, fishing tactics, and his holistic approach to fishing.

Join us as we delve into the nuances of this sporting passion, learning about the barometer movements and the lunar cycle that influence fish activity, the appeal of landing a big muskie, and the significance of proper handling and releasing methods post-catch. From discussions of water temperature's impact on fishes to the importance of catch-and-release for the survival of tiger muskies, it is filled with invaluable insights into the world of muskies.

Stay tuned as Pete Maina shares his thrilling encounters and lessons learned from decades spent pursuing this ferocious fish. Whether an experienced angler or a novice, this engaging conversation will inspire and educate you to better appreciate and navigate the multifaceted world of fishing. Also, don't forget to visit for more tips on fishing gear and muskie handling!

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