Wives Takeover Special: Crystal & Krista in the Driver’s Seat

In this special episode of the RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast, the wives of the hosts, Crystal Merrill and Krista Edwards, step into the spotlight to discuss what it's like being married to men who are wholeheartedly devoted to the great outdoors. As the partners of David and Patrick, two passionate outdoorsmen, Crystal and Krista bring a unique perspective to the show. They delve into the exhilarating adventures of hunting and fishing that they've shared with their husbands and families over the years. With a love for nature and an understanding of the importance of fostering a deep connection with it, these women reflect on the moments they've cherished in the wild.

Krista Bass Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Navigating the demands of motherhood, Crystal and Krista also provide valuable insights into the challenges of preparing their children for outdoor excursions. They share their experiences in instilling a deep respect for nature, a shared value they cherish with their spouses. The episode explores the intricate balance of prioritizing their family's well-being while nurturing their personal passion for the great outdoors. Amidst the complexities of parenting and the demands of the wild, they delve into the challenges and joys of sustaining their profound love for nature, all while being mothers who share and support their husbands' fervor for outdoor adventures.

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