Patrick Edwards

I am a native born Wyomingite who loves to hunt and fish. Fishing is my main passion and that all began when I was a young boy. I fondly remember the first time I caught a bunch of fish on my own. I was on a camping trip with my family in the Snowy Range mountains, west of Laramie Wyoming. There was a small creek near our camp, and it was loaded with brook trout. I remember going from rock to rock with a simple fishing set up of a stick with a piece of fishing line tied to it. I had a small Eagle Claw hook on the end of the line with a small split-shot to weigh it down. My dad had packed a bunch of worms and I took those on the creek with me for bait. I dropped the line in the water behind the boulders in the creek and caught a whole bunch of fish. From then on, I was hooked! 

I pride myself in trying new techniques, fishing new places and pursuing master angler catches. Fishing is not just  a hobby, it is a way of life. 

Patrick Edwards Lake Trout Fishing

I love catching fish and I especially like learning how to catch new species. I've caught a number of North American fresh water fish but I have many other species on my list. My favorite fish to catch are tiger muskies and salmon. My favorite place to fish is definitely Alaska! I love fishing for salmon in the Kenai River.

Leah Edwards Crappie Fishing

I am a father to 4 young kids. So, we spend a lot of time going after fish. One of my favorite activities is getting them out and helping them learn the skill of angling.

I also really enjoy growing a garden, raising chickens, pigs and other farm animals. Our family loves spending time outside and my wife and I enjoy growing various plants and trees.

I used to go fishing to try and catch fish, now I go fishing to try and catch the biggest fish that I can. I enjoy doing master angler challenges and have a few to my name. I also a two Wyoming state records and an IGFA  all tackle world record.. I hope you enjoy our podcast!

Patrick Edwards Wind River Range

Patrick Edwards White Bass Fishing

Patrick Edwards Tiger Muskie Fishing

Patrick Edwards State Record Longnose Sucker

Patrick Edwards Tiger Muskie Release

Patrick Edwards Brown Trout Fishing

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