Patrick Edwards

I am a native born Wyomingite who loves to hunt and fish. Fishing is my main passion and that all began when I was a young boy. I remember fondly the first time I caught a bunch of fish on my own. I was on a camping trip with my family in the Snowy Range mountains. There was a small creek near our camp and it was loaded with brook trout and there were also a few rainbows. I remember going from rock to rock with a simple fishing set up of a stick with a piece of fishing line tied to it. I had a small Eagle Claw hook on the end of the line with a small split-shot to weigh it down. My dad had packed a bunch of worms and I took those on the creek with me to go catch fish. I dropped the line in the water behind the boulders in the creek and caught a whole bunch of fish. From then on, I was hooked! 

I love catching fish and I especially like learning how to catch new species. I've caught a number of North American fresh water fish but I have many other species on my list. My favorite fish to catch are tiger muskies and salmon. My favorite place to fish is definitely Alaska! I love fishing for salmon in the Kenai River.

I am a father to 4 young kids. So, we spend a lot of time going after fish. One of my favorite activities is getting them out and helping them learn the skill of catching fish.

RadCast Outdoors Walleye

I also really enjoy growing a garden, raising chickens, pigs and other farm animals. Our family loves spending time outside and my wife and I enjoy growing various plants and trees.

I used to go fishing to try and catch fish, now I go fishing to try and catch the biggest fish that I can. I enjoy doing master angler challenges and have a few to my name. I am also a state record holder for the White Sucker here in Wyoming. I sure wish it was for the walleye...but that's okay!

Patrick Edwards Wind River Range

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