Patrick Edwards

Patrick Edwards is a born and raised Wyomingite. He has always lived in Wyoming and loves to hunt and fish. His passion for fishing started when he was a little boy. He was fishing with his mom and dad in the Snowy Range for brook trout on creeks. He used a small willow branch as a fishing rod, 6' of fishing line, a small Eagle Claw snelled hook, a piece of split shot and a worm. He jumped from rock to rock on the creek and dropped the fishing line into fishing holes along the bank. Pretty soon he had a limit of brook trout and he has been fishing ever since.

He has been fishing in many places for a wide variety of species. He has spent a lot of time fishing for walleye and trout since they are the most prevalent species in his area. He also loves fishing for bass and tiger muskies.

He now spends a lot of time fishing with his kids. He wants his children to grow up with skills in the outdoors and to also enjoy some of the experiences he had as a child. All four of his kids are fishing and camping on a regular basis and they are also enjoying how to cook the fish they catch.

Patrick is also a small-scale farmer. He raises feeder pigs, laying hens, rabbits, a garden and also fruit trees. He likes the idea of trying to grow his own food and be a self-sufficient as possible.

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