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Sarah Parvin Slab Lab Trophy Bluegill Fishing

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Parvin

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Sarah Parvin, AKA the Slab Queen talks about raising trophy sized bluegill on her private pond in Alabama. She discusses managing a trophy fishery, the importance of fishing stories and legacy, best practices to get kids involved and much more. Sarah is a conservationist and has a true passion for fishing and for growing a world record bluegill. She also grows largemouth bass, crappie and tiger bass. For more on Sarah, you can follow her @sarah_the_closer_parvin on Instagram. 

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Troy Lindner Walleye

Photo Courtesy of Troy Lindner (Mille Lacs Walleye)

On this episode of RADCast Outdoors, Patrick sits down with Troy Lindner, host of Angling Buzz TV. Troy is well known in the fishing industry for his success as a tournament angler, urban fisherman, and fitness specialist. Patrick and Troy go over what every angler should have to be successful when fishing urban fisheries, fishing new places on road trips, fish harvest and they cover many other tips and tricks for fishing success. Troy gives specific strategies to target fish in multiple environments. If you are a fisherman, you will really enjoy this episode.

Follow Troy: https://www.instagram.com/troylindner/ @wilderness_athlete

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