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David Merrill Archery Elk Hunting RadCast Outdoors Podcast

Photo Courtesy of David Merrill


The RadCast Outdoors Podcast, episode #14, Part 1 takes an in-depth look at how to prepare for archery elk season. David Merrill explains how to begin preparation by shooting your bow, getting into shape and finding some of the right gear. You can find David's Bow Spider by clicking here to help prepare for packing your bow during the season.

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Candy Yow Ladies Hunting Camp RadCast Outdoors Podcast

Photo Courtesy of Candy Yow


The RadCast Outdoors Podcast hosted Candy Yow from Ladies Hunting Camp on this episode of RadCast Outdoors. They cover topics ranging from hunting to hunting recruitment. If you are a young woman or have young ladies in your life, we highly recommend this episode. You can get some practical ideas on getting your family out in the field. Check out Ladies Hunting Camp here. You can reach out to Candy by emailing: or by calling 541-410-3193.

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Susie Busta Fishing RadCast Outdoors Podcast

Photo Courtesy of Susie Busta


Susie Busta from Minnesota joins the RadCast Outdoors podcast to talk about women in the outdoors. During the episode we cover a number of topics including women's apparel, getting kids outdoors, hunting, recipes and much more. If you are a young mom or wanting to get your family outdoors, this is a great episode for you.

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Jess Johnson and the RadCast Outdoors


Jess Johnson from the Wyoming Wildlife Federation joins the RadCast Outdoors crew to visit about legislation, recruitment of hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. They discuss mountain goats in the Tetons and much more. 

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Wolves RadCast Outdoors Podcast

Photo Courtesy of Dan Thompson


Wolves in the GYE are some of the most controversial animals on planet earth. The subject of wolves is more polarizing than politics for many people involved in the debate. Dan Thompson, PHD in biology from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department discusses the science with wolves and also the policies/management of the species. The RadCast Outdoors crew recommends this episode to anyone who has an interest in wolf management. 

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