Bighorn Sheep, Rough Winter and More with Hank Edwards and Gregg Hiatt

Pronghorn Antelope

Another episode of the RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast featuring Greg Hiatt and Hank Edwards with Wyoming Game and Fish department. With over 75 years of combined experience, between these two individuals, they take a deeper look into Big Horn Sheep population in the state of Wyoming. They also look at the recent devastating winter that hit both pronghorn antelope and mule deer hard across much of Wyoming. 

Greg Hiatt is a dedicated wildlife biologist working for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. With a passion for the natural world and a profound understanding of wildlife, Greg plays a vital role in conserving and protecting the diverse ecosystems of Wyoming. His expertise extends to studying the behavior, habitats, and population dynamics of various species, allowing him to contribute invaluable insights to wildlife management and conservation efforts. Through his diligent fieldwork, scientific research, and collaboration with fellow biologists, Greg Hiatt embodies a strong commitment to preserving Wyoming's rich biodiversity for future generations.

Hank Edwards is a highly skilled professional with the Wildlife Health Laboratory in Laramie. As a dedicated member of the team, Hank plays a crucial role in monitoring and safeguarding the health of wildlife populations in Wyoming. With extensive knowledge in veterinary science and disease ecology, he conducts thorough examinations and tests on wildlife specimens to detect and diagnose potential diseases or health issues. Hank's expertise and attention to detail ensure the timely identification of emerging threats, enabling effective management strategies to be implemented. Through his unwavering commitment and contributions to the field of wildlife health, Hank Edwards plays a vital part in preserving the well-being and sustainability of Wyoming's diverse wildlife populations.

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