Rookie Fly Angler’s Quest with Seth Ewing

Seth Ewing with a nice Idaho trout fly fishing

We are back with another adventure with the RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast! Seth Ewing is a return guest, this time giving us his expertise on fly fishing. If you are trying to learn more about fly fishing, or are interested in learning what it takes to start out, this is for you. 

Beginning fly fishing is an exciting and immersive outdoor activity that opens up a whole new world of angling experiences. Armed with a fly rod, reel, and a variety of artificial flies, beginners delve into the art of casting, where finesse and precision are paramount. The rhythmic motion of the cast, the gentle splash of the line on the water's surface, and the anticipation of a graceful trout rising to take the fly create an unparalleled sense of tranquility and connection with nature.

Seth talks about as beginners learn to read the currents, study insect behavior, and learn the basics, they embark on a journey of exploration, that comes with some tough challenges, but also it's about embracing the beauty of the natural world that surrounds them. The most important part is to have fun. 

If you missed this great RAD Cast article from Seth on learning how to fly fish check it out here.

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