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RadCast Outdoors Podcast Episode 87: Bill Siemantel Bass Fishing Secrets, Tips and Tricks Part 2

Bill Siemantel Smallmouth Bass

Photo Courtesy of Bill Siemantel


On this episode of RadCast Outdoors Podcast we visit with Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Famer, Bill Siemantel. Bill is a bass fishing legend with over 500 bass surpassing 10 lbs in his career. He has amassed many bass fishing tournament wins over the years and is known as one of the greatest bass fishing anglers of all time. Bill is also a well known and accomplished lure designer. In this episode, Bill shares his story of how he got into bass fishing and shares some invaluable tips on bass fishing. This is part 2 of 2. So, be sure to listen to both episodes for bass fishing secrets, tips and tricks! Check out Bill's lures at:

Check out Bill's website here:


This episode of RadCast Outdoors Podcast is sponsored by PK Lures, Hi Mountain Seasonings, and Bow Spider. Please go visit our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring RadCast Outdoors by giving them your business.

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