RAD Cast Outdoors Episode #50: Blake Fegler Talks Guiding, Finding a Guide and Successful Hunting Techniques

Blake Fegler Flophorn Pronghorn Antelope


Blake Fegler from 307 Pursuit joins the RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast to talk about hunting, guiding and much more. He goes into detail on selecting the right guide, asking the right questions and preparing for your big hunt. He also gives some great tips for hunting big game and some things to remember when you make your approach. 

Blake is also owner of @307pursuit. His organization raises money to help organizations like @huntingwithheroeswyoming@muleyfanaticfoundation and @HolyPursuitsDreamFoundation. To help support these causes, find @307pursuit on Facebook and buy some of their apparel. This will help get wounded veterans and young people fighting diseases out on hunts. 

This episode of RAD Cast Outdoors is sponsored by PK LuresHi Mountain Seasonings, and Bow Spider. Please go visit our sponsors and thank them for sponsoring RAD Cast Outdoors by giving them your business.

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