Pronghorn Hunting: John Bass Talks about Pursuing the Speedgoat

John Bass with a nice Wyoming Pronghorn Antelope

John Bass, the superintendent of Boysen State Park, takes us on an insightful journey through the art of pronghorn hunting. Join us as we unravel the wisdom and experiences of a true expert in the field, gaining valuable insights into the habits, habitats, and tactics that make pronghorn hunting an unforgettable adventure.

John and Lisa Bass with a beautiful Wyoming Pronghorn

In this episode, we not only explore the secrets of successful pronghorn hunting but also delve into the savory side of the sport. Tune in as we dish out pronghorn recipes and ideas for maximizing the meat potential, shared by passionate hunters who have a genuine love for this remarkable game. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious novice, this episode promises to be a treasure trove of pronghorn wisdom, stories, and practical tips that can transform your next hunting expedition into an unforgettable success. You'll find a few unique nuggets of knowledge from Patrick, David and John in this episode

If you missed the past episode featuring John Bass check it out here! In this episode, David and Patrick visit with John about Boysen state park, it's a RadCast Rewind. 

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