Pack Wisely, Hunt Confidently: A Two-Part Series with Mike Kentner and David Merrell

In the thrilling world of hunting, having the right gear can be the difference between a successful expedition and one filled with challenges. In the first part of our two-episode series, Mike Kentner joins us once again on RAD Cast Outdoors to dive deep into the essentials every hunter should have in their pack. From first-aid kits to game bags, Mike and our host, David Merrell, leave no stone unturned as they discuss the crucial items that can make or break a hunting trip. They also explore the role of technology in modern hunting, shedding light on how it has revolutionized the way hunters track, navigate, and communicate in the wild.

If you want a taste of the insightful conversations Mike Kentner brings to our podcast, be sure to check out our previous episode featuring him here. In that episode, Mike shares his expertise on blood trailing dogs and taxidermy, providing a fascinating glimpse into two aspects of the hunting world that are as intriguing as they are important. Stay tuned for the second part of our series with Mike Kentner, where we'll delve even deeper into the world of hunting gear and technology, accompanied by captivating stories from the wild. Mike is an experienced angler and hunter who we are glad is a friend of the show. Don’t miss next weeks episode!

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