Large Carnivore Misconceptions with Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson

We were able to catch a familiar face and voice Dan Thompson at the Wyoming Outdoor Weekend. Dan heads up the large carnivore department of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. In this episode Dan discusses some common misconceptions with Grizzly Bears and Mountain Lions.

Dan Thompson is a distinguished expert on large carnivores, particularly known for his extensive work with grizzly bears and mountain lions as a key member of the Wyoming Game and Fish department. Thompson's expertise in the field of large carnivores has made him a sought-after authority, sought out by researchers, policymakers, and wildlife enthusiasts alike. 


Overall, Dan Thompson's expertise as a large carnivore expert with the Wyoming Game and Fish department has made him an invaluable asset to the conservation and management efforts for grizzly bears and mountain lions. His dedication and commitment to understanding these creatures have not only advanced scientific knowledge but also contributed to the protection of these magnificent species and the ecosystems they inhabit.

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