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Kristi Titus Whitetail Deer

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On this episode of RAD Cast Outdoors, Kristy Titus discusses women in the field, handguns, shooting safety and best practices in the outdoors.  

Kristy Titus is a remarkable figure in the outdoor industry, known for her profound impact and relentless commitment to conservation. Hailing from Oregon, her deep-rooted love for nature and the wilderness began at an early age. Her formative years spent amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Pacific Northwest ignited a lifelong passion and curiosity about the natural world. Recently, Kristy relocated to Wyoming and is bringing that passion to the Cowboy state.  As an accomplished hunter, conservationist, and influential public speaker, 

Her adventurous spirit has led her to conquer challenging terrains, honing her hunting skills while deepening her understanding of the delicate balance between human interaction and wildlife conservation. Beyond her personal pursuits, Kristy advocates for responsible hunting practices and sustainable wildlife management. She passionately educates and empowers others to embrace ethical hunting, emphasizing the vital role it plays in maintaining healthy ecosystems and preserving our natural resources.

She produces and hosts Pursue The Wild, a digital television series airing on CarbonTV, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the WildTV app.

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