Jim Shockey on the Future of Hunting and Stories of his Career

Jim Shockey Hunting
Rowdy Anderson, Blake Fegler, Jim Shockey, Patrick Edwards, Charene Hererra, David Merrill


Jim Shockey has done it all in hunting. He's hunted all over the world, immersed himself in other cultures and has had an impact on hunting that will last well into the future. Jim traveled to Lander Wyoming to speak at the Muley Fanatic Foundation, 10 Country Chapter event. We were lucky enough to host him on the RAD Cast Outdoors podcast. Jim has been on many podcasts in his career, from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to RAD Cast. He talks about his career, wolves, bears, fly fishing, gun laws, his kids and his new book, "Call Me Hunter." His book is available for pre-sale right now on Amazon.com and many other places. 


Get more information on Jim here: https://jimshockey.com/ and http://handofmanmuseum.com/
County 10: https://county10.com/
10 Country Chapter Muley Fanatics: https://www.facebook.com/10Country/


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