Episode #18: Special Guest, Gene Galitz Talks Taxidermy, Law Enforcement, Fishing and More

RadCast Outdoors Podcast with guest Gene Galitz

On this episode of RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast we sit down with special guest, Gene Galitz. Gene has had a career in taxidermy, law enforcement and has spent most of his free time in the outdoors. Gene makes custom elk calls, does taxidermy, bakes, cooks, hunts, fishes, and goes shooting all the time. He takes the time to talk about taxidermy, bears, fishing, hunting and law enforcement. He also tells the now infamous story of "Rattle Snake Bob." You have to hear the story.

Also, you can order Gene's book, "Beyond the Blue" right here on our website. Please order a book and learn of all the interesting stories from his law enforcement career.

Here is Gene's Chicken Friend Elk Recipe:

This recipe works well with elk, deer, moose or antelope. 

Trim away all fat and membrane. Pound steaks with meat tenderizer or serrated knife blade. Sprinkle on a few drops of Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce and Lawry’s seasoned salt. Cover and allow to set 30 minutes to an hour. 

Beat a couple eggs in a pie pan and sprinkle in a little more Lawry’s seasoned salt. Dip the steak in flour, egg mixture and flour. Fry at medium high heat, turning once when golden brown. 

Serve with hash browns and country gravy!!

Check out Gene's custom elk calls. You can inquire about getting one by emailing ggalitz@wyoming.com

Gene Galitz Elk Calls RadCast Outdoors

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