Deep Dive into Broadheads with Ryan from VPA Archery

In this exciting episode of RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast, host David David Merrill is joined by the expert, Ryan from VPA Archery, a renowned broadhead company. They delve deep into the world of broadheads, exploring their various aspects and the critical role they play in the world of archery and hunting. If you're a passionate hunter or archer, this episode is a treasure trove of valuable information.

To kick things off, David shares a personal hunting experience, recounting a recent encounter with a big herd bull and discussing the challenges he faced. This story sets the stage for a thrilling and informative conversation with Ryan, who provides insights, tips, and recommendations on broadheads. Whether you're a seasoned hunter looking to up your game or someone new to the world of archery, this episode offers something for everyone. For those interested in exploring VPA Archery's range of high-quality broadheads, be sure to check out their collection here: VPA Archery Broadheads.

This episode of RAD Cast Outdoors Podcast is the perfect companion for anyone gearing up for hunting season, filled with exciting stories and invaluable advice to make your next hunting adventure a success. So, tune in, listen closely, and get ready to go broad on the broadheads with Ryan and David.

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