Patrick Edwards Catches Another State Record

Patrick Edwards Wyoming State Record Longnonse Sucker

Patrick Edwards recently caught a new state record fish. He was fishing for suckers and walleyes on a cold April afternoon and caught his second state record fish. 

This time he hooked into a longnose sucker. These fish are usually smaller than white suckers and are identified by there much longer sucker mouth and their unique scale pattern. He wasn't exactly sure what kind of sucker he had when he caught it. 

Patrick set the record for the largest white sucker in Wyoming in March of 2020. He hadn't targeted suckers since that catch 3 years ago.  He decided that since he hadn't fished for them in a while that it was time to give it another shot and maybe break his old record. When he reeled in a large longnose, he didn't even give it second thought until he got it back home. Once he had it home, he reached out to Ben Linnell and Jim Zumbo to help him ensure the correct identification. They both agreed that it was a longnose and that prompted Patrick to look at see if it was a record. 

He wasn't disappointed! The fish was a full pound larger than the state record caught less than a year earlier. 

You can read more details about the record catch here below. 


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